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Harmony Fund is partnering with many organizations in our mission to help the animals of Ukraine and today, we share an urgent request from our colleagues at the Polish based group Fundacja Centaurus who are doing extraordinary rescue work.

“We have already transported almost 1000 dogs and cats,” Greg Zamirski of Fundacja Centaurus explains. “We do not want to leave these dogs and people at their own. Humanitarian aid does not reach places where our convoys arrive. Nobody wants to take these dogs either. We have bought additional 3 vans for transporting the animals, using our own funds. But for the time being we bring them from the war zone to the base in Lviv.”

“We urgently need help in getting huge amounts of fuel, electric generators, fences for dog runs, heated containers or tents for animals, huge amounts of medicines for animals including vaccines for rabies and viruses, tests for parvovirus, antibiotics, means for deworming), microchips for dogs (about 2000 pcs.), kennels and transporters (about 500), magnum cages, undercoats for dogs, pens with paddocks for puppies and cages. We also need huge amounts of animal food. We have about 40 tons left, and our convoys take approximately 8-9 tons at a time. And we need food for people (caloric food – jars, cans, bread in sealed packages, drinking water – all kinds of food that does not require heating-up. In Irpin for example, there is lack of water and electricity. We need candles and lighters, first aid kits, painkillers. Basically, a bit of everything is needed.”

Donations this week will be earmarked for this particular purpose within our wide array of operations inside Ukraine.


Harmony Fund is an international animal rescue charity based in the USA. We help the underdogs of rescue across the planet. Please make a donation on our secure & easy-to-use site here https://harmonyfund.org/donation/emergency-fund-for-ukraine-animals/

We THANK YOU for helping us spread the word and for your contributions to keep helping the animals of war.

Source: https://www.facebook.com/109342202422434/posts/5196243343732..



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