Easter Lambs Escape Slaughter - Now Safe At Shelte..



“Celebrating Romanian Easter, it’s all about food and drinks for most of the Romanians,” Ioana Marascu of Every Life Counts in Romania said. “Meat lamb is the highest request during Easter period. Why do Christians feel the need to celebrate Easter by killing helpless animals like lambs. This little baby and a few others were yesterday in a meat market, crying after their poor mummies that were already sold. Frightened, scared, confused, seeing their siblings being butchered in front of them.”

“We left from the meat market with 4 baby lambs that were going to be in people’s ovens” Ioana continued. “Yes it was probably wrong to buy them BUT otherwise right now they would be butchered.”

Every month, Harmony Fund sponsors Every Life Counts with a donation for their large animal shelter, to feed hungry animals at the local pound, to feed homeless dogs in remote areas, to sterilize animals and to rescue injured animals. This month, we’d like to raise $1,000 or more to help them.

Thank you everyone for enabling such beautiful rescue work to unfold. To donate for this rescue center on our website, please give here https://harmonyfund.org/donation/help-animals-in-romania/

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Animal Rescue Chase

The Great Animal Rescue Chase celebrates the art of animal rescue with a worldwide race to rescue one million. It’s a free event, open to all, and is perhaps the only global animal rescue event aimed at helping any animal in distress, anywhere in the world. Our ambition is to create a culture of enthusiasm and pride in animal activism. We believe in teaching, by example, that there is a hero in each of us just waiting to be unleashed. Empowered animal lovers can not only save lives, but build the momentum for powerful animal welfare reform.

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