Ellie For Adoption. Oug Parklane, Kuala Lumpur. Th..


🐶 Ellie For Adoption

📍OUG Parklane, Kuala Lumpur

This is Ellie, a 4 months old puppy who was found abandoned in OUG Parklane. The abandonment is even more heart rending as it was captured on CCTV. Ellie was rescued and is now in foster care.

Ellie is:

🔸A gentle soul and yet, playful

🔸Intelligent, can be easily trained

🔸Eat both kibbles and wet food

🔸Loves to drink water

🔸Happy-go-lucky despite her previous ordeals

While Ellie is happy and safe in her foster care, she suits best in a larger home. Her current weight is almost 12 kg and already at medium size. Currently, she is staying with her foster and their 6 cats in a tiny apartment unit.

✅ Her caretakers invite queries from committed adopters who will be willing to meet up with Elllie for a play appointment and discuss adoption arrangements.

⭐️ Anyone who is willing and able to provide better foster environment for Ellie is welcome; arrangements can be discussed ⭐️

Kindly Whatsapp your interest to :

📲 016-295-9692 (Manjit)

📲 016-855-4562 (Faezah)

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