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When we do tnr on stray cats, we are bound to come across strays which are in dire need of medical attention. A sweet and friendly young female stray cat with a minor wound on her nose whom we named her Xiao Miao, was recently caught in Puchong and sent to our panel vet for neutering purpose. Later in the day, we received a call from the vet with an unfortunate news that the cat has sporotrichosis.

We don’t need to tell you how deadly and dangerous sporotrichosis can be if the cat is left untreated. We definitely won’t release her back in the streets as apart from the risk of infecting other cats, she will also die of a slow and painful death alone. Most vets don’t accept sporotrichosis cats at their clinic in view of the risks it pose to both humans and cats. At the same time, there are hardly any fosterers who are willing to take in sporotrichosis cats and nurse them back to health. And not to mention, we ourselves also lack the resources and manpower to treat sporotrichosis cats which takes a minimum of 3 months period or longer.

The most viable option under the circumstances was to check her in to a shelter who offers treatment for cats with sporotrichosis at a fixed charge of RM1.5K for a period of 3 months. Should the treatment period exceeds, additional charges may be incurred. The cost is considered very reasonable in view of the risk of infection, long boarding requirement and intensive daily administration of medications of at least 3 months. Those vets who do accept treatment and boarding for sporotrichosis cats at their clinics generally charges around RM1K to RM1.5K per month per cat.

Let us all pray for Xiao Miao’s recovery.

Meanwhile, we wish to thank the following donors for sponsoring Xiao Miao’s treatment cost :

- Kow Yi Lin RM50

- Ong Xue Jing RM50

- Lim Thoy Xian RM30

- Yap Chew Kee RM30

- Enaly Soo Lim Lee RM28

- Gan Chuin Yong RM20

- Kok Xiao Qian RM20

- Daniel RM800

- Ina Chong RM150

- Lim Pei Ching RM300

- Susan Lim Lai Seang RM50

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