If It’s Furry, It’s Mine!

Kitties! Do your Pets leave the house efurry day with lame excuses like “I have to work” and “Somebody has to buy the steak”? And do they sometimes come home, smelling of...
Jan 24, 2013


Squizzle Time!

It’s raining efurry day and as it’s too wet for cats to go outside and play, I am spending lots of time with the pets. I am also pleased to tell you that my Campaign For Domination gas...
Dec 16, 2012


Why I Am Trashed

In our house we get to go out all day but we’re in at night. We Cats don’t get out until 5AM. So last night I spent some time training my pets to open the door whenever I want. Pets are...
Oct 24, 2012


Pet Or Servant?

Do you efur wonder what to call the bi-peds in your life? Au, the Senior Cat in our house, is furry old-fashioned. He calls for De Survunt and De Male. Most of the time he gets exactly what he meows...
Sep 1, 2012


Steak, Lovely Steak!

Hello kitties! I have good news to report! I have trained my pet to give me steak twice a day! This is how you do it. You wait until your Pet is eating Red Meat. Then you go over and you show...
Aug 11, 2012


How To Dominate The Sofa

OK, all you cats have to Promise not to tell anyone else about this blog.  Put your paw on your heart and say, May My Tail Fur Fall Out If I Tell!   Right, now we can talk.   As some of...
Aug 1, 2012

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