Things Every Potential Animal Rescuer/Fosterer Should Know

  The rise in the number of animal rescue organisations in Malaysia is an encouraging sign that our society is progressing and extending help and concern to all living beings. Animal rescuers...
Mar 19, 2013


Find Alternative Solutions to Euthanasia of Service Dogs

The Fire and Rescue Services Department’s Sniffer and Detection Dogs Unit inadvertently created an uproar among Netizens when they published photographs of their retired service dogs being...
Mar 6, 2013


For The Sake Of The Animals, Let’s Clean Up Our Act

Let’s face it – Malaysians have dirty habits. The massive amount of litter along highways, in forests and in our seas and rivers is injurious to the Planet. Our rubbish clogs waterways and...
Dec 2, 2012


What To Do When A Bird Flies Into Your House

This article was originally drafted for the Malaysian Nature Society Eco Kids Column, after a tearful friend called me for help when a bird hit the ceiling fan in her home and died of its injuries....
Oct 17, 2012


Animal 3Rs: Rescue, Rehabilitate, Rehome [ Part 4 ]

If you have ever felt sad about animal casualties of road accidents, felt concern over the number of relatively healthy animals that have to be put to sleep at our overcrowded animal shelters, or...
Sep 16, 2012


Animal 3Rs: Rescue, Rehabilitate, Rehome [ Part 3 ]

In Part 2, we talked about how all animal rescuers carry out the good work they do on the premise that we owe a collective responsibility, as humans, to the animals that we are supposed to care for...
Aug 23, 2012


Animal 3Rs: Rescue, Rehabilitate, Rehome [ Part 2/4 ]

We continue from Part 1 where we talked about stray animal rescuers being loosely divided into 2 categories: incidental rescuers, and organized rescuers.   Some of these organized rescuers fall...
Aug 1, 2012


Animal 3Rs: Rescue, Rehabilitate, Rehome [ Part 1/4 ]

Perhaps you have received e-mails or text messages before from groups or individuals who need to find homes for cats or dogs. Perhaps you have encountered booths put up by animal rescue groups at...
Aug 1, 2012

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