“Moooomm, Daaadddd, can we get a puppy??”

As a kid I used to roll around in the mud, literally, and play with the neighbourhood dogs whether they were clean or dirty. Yes sure I would get a shelling when I came home smelling like I had been...
Nov 14, 2013


Let’s Get Down To The Basics, Shall We?

What does animal welfare mean to you? Do you feel that an animal which gets all its adequate needs like food, water and shelter is having good welfare? Indeed animal welfare is an extremely...
Sep 25, 2012


Of Cream Crackers And A Little Dog Named Brownie

My very first dog was not even my own. I christened him Brownie, as I had no idea what his real name was. Every day I would walk by his house, and there Brownie was, hanging outside the gate of my...
Aug 5, 2012

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