Our Street Dogs And Their Harsh Times Part 2/2


Jackson was not so lucky as his injury was more severe as compared to Sintu and Yogi (http://noahsarkcares.blogspot.sg/2014/08/our-street-dogs-and-their-harsh-times.html). Nonetheless, he is slowly on the route to recovery and this shy but playful boy is also looking for a place to call home!

When we started spaying the dogs at Jacksons area, Jacksons mother had already given birth. Jackson initially had four other siblings and as we are typing this now, only one remains at their original home. We took in some of the younger and weaker puppies around Jacksons area (https://www.facebook.com/noahsarkcares/posts/808146619250503) but there were just not enough fosterers to take all the puppies off the streets. The other two siblings unfortunately disappeared and we found one of Jacksons friendliest sister motionless one afternoon. Jacksons sister passed on likely due to infection from her tail injury but was the tail injury really caused by a dog bite as told to us by the workers or was it a case of abuse, we will never know. The truth is harsh but need to be told. As we were contemplating if to include photos of Jacksons deceased sister, we decided to do it so that this sweetie will be remembered by.

A few weeks passed and we thought all was well until Jacksons injury was discovered. Jackson squeezed out from a corner as we were about to leave after leaving some food for them. Initially, we only saw his right view which was fine. When he lifted his head from eating to look at us straight in the face, our jaws dropped. Jacksons left eyeball was popping out of the socket and the front part of his eyeball was already brown from soil, mud and dirt sticking to the pus!

We looked around for the workers to ask them what happened and they said it was caused by another adult dog. Puppies often get bullied especially in their quest for food and survival we of course do not blame the adult dog/s though this is really terrible. We grabbed Jackson without further delay and off to the vet he went. The vet advised that an enucleation has to be done as soon as possible as there was no way to save his eye. Jackson also had a tummy full of worms a usual scenario for street dogs. He will also be neutered at the same time when undergoing the eyeball removal surgery.

With a handful of cases flowing in, we need your help. Please email noahsarkcares@gmail.comif you are able to foster or adopt or help us with the medical bills. We very much appreciate it, and will try our best to continue helping the street animals. Thank you!

Source: http://noahsarkcares.blogspot.com/2014/09/our-street-dogs-an..



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Noah's Ark CARES (Companion Animal Rescue and Education Society) was formed in June 2005. The extended arm of Noah's Ark Lodge - Noah's Ark CARES aim is to reach out to Singaporeans and address the issue of abandoned pets and strays. Working in tandem with AVA and other animal welfare organizations, Noah's Ark CARES has embarked on several community-based projects aimed at re-educating the public and especially young children, our future generation.

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