New Digi Smart Prepaid – Free 24hr Internet & Social Messaging

New Digi Smart Prepaid Offers Free 24hr Internet & Social Messaging Prepaid subscribers can now enjoy constant internet connectivity and social messaging with Digi Telecommunication Sdn Bhd...
Jul 27, 2015


Digi Gives Facebook Fans Something To Like

Telecommunications Sdn Bhd (“Digi”) customers can now enjoy accessing all their favourite content on Facebook with the telco’s most affordable mobile Internet package tailored...
Jul 9, 2015


Eukanuba: Puppy Development

Puppies, like babies, have different nutritional needs from adult dogs. Quality puppy formulas need to provide 100% complete and balanced nutrition with essential vitamins and minerals that a puppy...
Dec 27, 2014


EVO: The Ancestral Diet, Evolved

Your dog’s ancestors were designed by nature to hunt and thrive on a diet rich with the nutrition from animal proteins, not grains. Inspired by nature, EVO’s authentic ancestral diet gives your...
Jul 29, 2014


Primal Freeze-Dried Formulas

Primal Freeze-Dried Formulas Primal Freeze-Dried Formulas are produced using only the freshest, human-grade ingredients. Our poultry, meat and game are antibiotic and steroid free without added...
Mar 18, 2014


Eukanuba: Lean Muscles For Healthy Mobility

Animal-based proteins are clinically proven to help promote strong, lean muscles1 The ability to move around freely means quality of life and is a sign of good health. Nutrition plays a key role in...
Feb 28, 2014


The Merrick Difference

  The Revolution Starts in the Bowl. This is the new beginning that signals the end of cat food as it was. For the past several years we’ve been perfecting our recipes by using...
Feb 13, 2014


Join The Merrick Food Revolution!

  LIKE Merrick’s Facebook page now to get your FREE Sample Pack! http://www.facebook.com/AvantPet   From Farm to Bowl, using fresh, regional ingredients is a better...
Nov 19, 2013


Eukanuba: Magnificent Skin & Coat

Optimal ratio of Omega-6 and 3 fatty acids is clinically proven to help promote healthy skin and radiant coat Your dog’s coat makes him look magnificent and feels great too. His skin and coat...
Nov 4, 2013


Can A Dog Really Clean His Teeth?

Many people recognize a nice smile as an indication of a happy, healthy person. However, while dogs can’t smile the way we do, the same is true for them. Healthy teeth and gums and fresh...
Sep 26, 2013


Eukanuba: Strong Bones For An Active Life

Nutrition plays a vital role in bone and joint development and maintenance throughout a dog’s life. Nutrition, tailored to breed size with the correct balance of energy and nutrients, can help...
Jan 15, 2013


10 Golden Rules of Responsible Pet Ownership

If you’ve read the book “Marley & Me”, you’d remember why the newlyweds adopted the incorrigible labrador retriever puppy. They wanted to know if they were ready to...
Oct 20, 2012


Whiskas ‘The Secret Campaign’

Are you a responsible cat owner? At Whiskas, nothing is more important to us than driving responsible pet ownership and we’re here to encourage you to be one. That’s why we’re here to help....
Sep 10, 2012

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