Teaching “Sit”

Every dog can sit, but they don’t instinctively understand that the word “sit” means you want it to plop its butt down on the ground. Dogs need to be taught to understand our...
Oct 7, 2013


Are You Really Ready For It?

I have quite a lot of friends out there who are easily attracted to adorable puppies and wanted to bring them home just because they are cute. “Oh everyone has a dog, I should get one...
Sep 18, 2013


Catty First Impressions: Introducing A New Cat To Your Household Felines

It’s been three months since Eevee joined our clan, and now we can’t imagine life without her – I’d dare say that even our other four cats feel the same way. Having so many...
Jun 21, 2013


Why Are Vaccinations Necessary?

Why are vaccinations necessary for your pet? 1. They help protect your pet from a number of serious and even deadly diseases. 2. Vaccinations cost considerably less than the treatments available...
Jun 2, 2013


All About Rabbit Poop

All About Rabbit Poop! My apologies for the language but the word “Sh*t” is probably the most used word besides all the curse words throughout the world and in relation to that, rabbit...
May 15, 2013


Adopting An Orphaned Kitten – The Early Weeks

It’s easy to decide on adopting a kitten – what’s not to love? Kittens are adorable, and this isn’t a surprise at all considering the way cute cat videos spread like wildfire...
May 2, 2013


In Reptiles We Trust…

If  furry cats, dogs and bunnies don’t appeal to you but those scaly and slithering creatures catches more of your attention, then you have just entered into the realm of reptiles and exotic...
Apr 3, 2013


Rabbit Must-Haves

Previously, I wrote about the essentials that one needs to start keeping a rabbit as pet. In this article, I would like to share what are the other necessities needed to keep a bunny happy and...
Jan 15, 2013


Your Bunny’s Diet

Your Bunny’s Diet Whether you realize it or not, we are indeed living in a “NOW” world where everything is instant. Gone are the days when we used cassette tapes that you needed to...
Dec 1, 2012


RM200 vs RM500 Spay: The Difference, Part 2

In Part 1, we’ve taken a look at what Spaying is and the RM 500 Spaying procedure. Now, we’ll examine what constitutes a RM 200 Spay. The RM 200 Spay You call to enquire about the cost...
Nov 8, 2012


How To Spot Bad Breeders

Bad Breeders: How to spot and avoid them! I often receive emails from pet owners in distress seeking help to save their sick rabbits. More often than not, the problem traces back to acquiring young...
Nov 2, 2012


Harness The Power Of Praise For Control

We all know human beings are prone to forgetfulness. Compounded by the fact that man-made items do not last forever, accidents are bound to happen. While rushing to work in the morning, we might...
Oct 30, 2012


RM200 vs RM500 Spay: The Difference, Part 1

What is a Spay and what does it involve? A spay is considered a routine abdominal surgery to remove the female reproductive organs. During the surgery, a small incision is made to remove the ovaries...
Oct 14, 2012


To-Do List Before Bringing Bunny Home

Things You Should Do Before Bringing Your Bunny Home As preparation before bringing a bunny home, there are a few things to be taken into consideration to ensure that the bunny will have a happy...
Oct 4, 2012


Keeping Your Indoor Cat Happy

Sometimes, owners choose to keep their cats indoors only. Reasons may include apartment living, the dangers found on the street (hostile cats, snakes, aggressive dogs) or maybe a health condition...
Sep 25, 2012


How To Choose A Healthy Rabbit

There is no 100% fool-proof way of acquiring a 100% healthy rabbit if you are unable to see for yourself the source where the rabbit come from, but the following are a few steps you can take to...
Sep 4, 2012


Tips For Creating A Multi-Pet Household

People often marvel that our cats and dogs live together in harmony. Yes, my parents, myself and my sister’s household run multi-pet homes. While rabbits, birds, sugar gliders and reptiles are...
Sep 1, 2012


Pet Wellness From The Holistic Perspective

PetFinder.my recently interviewed Dr. Susanna Brida-Hofherr of Asia Paws, a holistic veterinary clinic in Kuala Lumpur.  At present, Dr. Susanna is Malaysia’s only certified veterinary...
Sep 1, 2012


5 Myths We Need To Debunk

1.    Desexing makes my dog fat. FALSE! After desexing, your dog will have a lower metabolism. If you feed your dog the same amount as you did prior to desexing, it will gain weight....
Aug 24, 2012


Where To Get Your Pet Rabbit

In Malaysia there are many ways in which a potential rabbit owner can acquire a pet rabbit. However, the most important point to remember is to only acquire rabbits above 8 weeks of age. Impulse...
Aug 15, 2012

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