Of Puppies With inverted Rear Paws And Its Possible Causes


I refer to our earlier post on Kelly Tan’s newly rescued puppy who was discovered to have “inverted paws” (probably born with the deformity of paws facing backwards):http://myanimalcare.org/2012/10/10/abandoned-puppy-born-with-paws-facing-backwards-needs-surgery-kelly-tan-juat-jongs/

I spoke with a vet this morning to seek a better understanding of such cases.

Apparently, there are 3 possible causes:

1. Nerve or muscle problem – it can heal on its own if the puppy is young enough. If not, physiotherapy and acupuncture might help.

2. Bone problem – surgery with casting or metal plates (which is very expensive) might help.

I asked the vet what would happen if surgery was not done. The vet said the puppy will just drag the two hind legs around for the rest of its life and this might lead to sores and burns. I also asked if doing one leg is an option (as that was Kelly’s intention if she could not raise RM6000 for both legs), the vet said the other leg’s muscles would atrophy if only one leg was used. In the long run, this option may not be very good.

Wheels might be an option, but the caregiver would have to be very diligent in looking after the dog. And it’s for life.

A reader also sent me this;

Summary: bulldog puppies born with inverted rear paws returned to normal within a month without therapy.
Summary: could be a hyperflexion deformity, which is a condition seen in puppies 6-12 weeks of age. Often, the condition improves on its own within a month or two. Exercise should be restricted, and the puppy should not be fed any nutritional supplements such as vitamin and mineral additives.

Having learnt this, I called Kelly and spoke with her. Here’s what Kelly said: She thought it was due to an accident, so she brought the puppy to the vet. She said the vet took a long time to examine the puppy and said it was probably inborn and not due to any accident. I asked if any X-Ray was done and she said no. The vet just told her that metal plates would have to be inserted to do the repair.

Kelly understands that RM3000 is a lot of money and I explained that we needed to know more before I could start any fund raising for her. She will be bringing the puppy for another check-up on Saturday, after which she will let me know more details. I advised Kelly to find out the success rate of such surgeries and also if there are less risky alternatives to address the problem.

Meanwhile, our pledge of RM500 is on for the puppy should surgery be the only option. To those of you who wish to help with contributions, kindly hold on first until we receive more details.


Source: http://myanimalcare.org/2012/10/11/of-puppies-with-inverted-rear-paws-and-its-possible-causes/




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