Why Are Vaccinations Necessary?


Why are vaccinations necessary for your pet?

1. They help protect your pet from a number of serious and even deadly diseases.

2. Vaccinations cost considerably less than the treatments available for the diseases pets are normally vaccinated against.

Some common diseases in cats & dogs:


1. Feline Distemper (Feline panleukopenia)-Highly contagious and deadly viral disease of cats. Can be easily prevented thru vaccination.

2.Feline Respiratory Disease (FVR, FCV)-Upper respiratory tract infections in cats. it is quite common for cats to become chronic carriers of these viruses, putting other cats at risk.


1. Canine Distemper-A serious viral disease affecting primarily young, unvaccinated dogs. Often fatal and highly contagious.

2. Canine Parvovirus-Will cause death if left untreated. Treatments are very expensive and the virus is able to withstand extreme temperature changes, and exposure to most disinfectants. Vaccination has proven to be very successful in preventing this disease.

For more info, check with your vet on other diseases that your pet should be protected against. Have you updated your cat/dog’s vaccination yet?



SPCA Sarawak

The Sarawak Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals believes that animals, as living creatures, have value beyond economic measurement, and are entitled to legal, moral and ethical consideration and protection. The Sarawak SPCA's mission is to act as an advocate on behalf of animals and as an enforcer of their rights; to provide for the well-being of the animals of the State of Sarawak who are abandoned, injured, subjected to unfair or cruel treatment, or otherwise in need; to cultivate in the people of our community an awareness of the animals whose world we share; to promote a bond of mutual assistance between people and animals; and to instill respect for and appreciation of all living things.

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