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Don’t be fooled by her strong appearance! Teddy (C091) is actually one of the most affectionate cat in the shelter! Anyone who visits her will definitely fall in love with her friendly charm. She always approaches visitors with purrs and leg rubs whenever they go into her cage. One of our staff calls her Teddy due to her sweet personality and love of being hugged, just like a Teddy bear! If you want a cuddle buddy that acts like a teddy bear that actually hugs you back, why not give this lovely girl a chance? 🤗🐻💕




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PAWS was founded in 1987 by a small group of local and expatriate volunteers. Through their generosity and imagination, PAWS was constructed on a patch of land owned by Sime Plantations on the Subang Airport Road. This distinct group of sheds and a courtyard still stands today and currently homes around 400 cats and dogs.

The staff that work at PAWS include one veterinary surgeon and a number of full-time personnel. The organisation depends entirely on the generosity of the public through donations or proceeds from charitable events organized and run by volunteers.

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