Fifi Is Adopted!! (Lees)


This would be one of the highlights of the New Year!!

On 21st Dec 2011, a lady by the name of Ah Yoke called me regarding an owner who was about to throw her two-year old Husky out on the streets because she (the owner) did not have time to look after the dog anymore. I told Ah Yoke to get me a photograph from the owner, and with her consent, I will blog for adopters. However, the owner never got back to me.

I normally do not blog unless there is a photograph, but this time, I made an exception, if only to tell the story.


Lee, one of our readers, responded and offered to take over the Husky from the owner as she had a friend who sounded interested to adopt the dog. So, arrangements were made (that took a few days too, as the owner did not pick up calls) but on the morning of the appointment to take over the dog, Lee’s friend had second thoughts and indicated he wasn’t interested anymore to adopt the dog! Unperturbed, Lee decided she would foster the dog and we blogged for adopters. I contacted PAWS (as a standby contingency plan) and they said they were willing to take the dog as Huskies are in demand by adopters.

Meanwhile, Lee took Fifi (named by Lee) to the vet’s for a check-up and it was found that she was grossly underweight. From then on, we gradually found out about Fifi’s history; and also through my phonecalls to Ah Yoke (who in turn got the information from the mother of the owner).

Apparently. Fifi had lived a sad life where she was only allowed to eat a small amount of food each day and only once a day because her former owner did not allow her to be fed more food. Even the mother was not allowed to give anymore food to Fifi. Fifi had also vomited blood once and surgery was done to remove the toxins from her stomach (it was a case of poisoning). During that surgery, Fifi was spayed as well.

Several people offered to adopt Fifi, but Lee preferred an experienced Husky owner. Readers helped forward the links to their mailing lists and facebook pages.

On New Year’s Day yesterday, Fifi was adopted and now lives with a Husky-lover and a new Husky brother, too!

Take a look…


Fifi, you’re going to be loved from now on.

From Lee:


This is FIFi pic in her forever home, she really looks much happier now as she has the husky brother to play with and the new great mom who will love her forever and take a good care of her.

On behalf of FIFi, I really couldn’t thank you enough for highlighting her case, so she has the chance to have a wonderful life now.

Thank you and Best regards,

We would like to thank everyone here, particularly Lee, Ah Yoke (the lady who called me regarding Fifi), potential adopters who offered to take Fifi and everyone else who has helped in any way, to make this happy event possible. All of you, working together, has saved Fifi from being thrown out on the streets.

Fifi’s medical expenses were all sponsored by Lee, who also made all the efforts to look after Fifi, foster her, take her over from the owner despite not having any adopter yet, bring her to the vet’s, seek to find out her medical history, etc. Personally, I most humbly salute Lee for everything she has done for Fifi. Her efforts has been nothing short of remarkable and is truly inspiring.

What a great start to a great year!!


Source: http://myanimalcare.org/2012/01/02/fifi-is-adopted-lees/




AnimalCare is a registered society that promotes caregiving to street animals and helps in their neutering and medical needs. AnimalCare has a Medical Fund, Food Fund and Education Fund.

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