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Don’t breed and buy. Spay your pets. Stop contributing to the number of strays of the street.

The shelter has been receiving increasing number of pregnant mamas lately, eventually giving birth in the shelter. Some newborns survived, some don’t.

Please, if you have the heart…help to stop this. SPAY & NEUTER!Source: http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10150675920418581&set=a.196305593580.129798.194134813580&type=1



SPCA Seberang Perai

The SPCA Seberang Perai is a society registered in September 2005. Our primary aim is to reduce the population of stray animals or possibly a zero stray population in a humane manner. With lesser strays or no strays at all, the loving value of animals will be greatly increased and you can be sure that humans will shower more love for their pets and be responsible pet owners. The problem should not only be shouldered by our Society as the public must also understand the urgent need to control the pet population and give their whole-hearted support to all our projects for the undertaking to be successful. Then we will achieve a clean and hygienic environment for the community. As a no killing organization, we are embarking on a two-prong approach towards the problem i.e public education and sterilization of the stray animals.

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