RM200 vs RM500 Spay: The Difference, Part 2


In Part 1, we’ve taken a look at what Spaying is and the RM 500 Spaying procedure. Now, we’ll examine what constitutes a RM 200 Spay.

The RM 200 Spay

You call to enquire about the cost of spaying a female dog. The receptionist tells you it costs 200 so you book it in for tomorrow. When you arrive the next morning, the receptionist asks if you fed the dog this morning to which you reply yes. She acts shocked and surprised that you didn’t know you have to fast the dog before surgery. You explain that this is your first time owning a pet. She then grumbles and says she will squeeze you in and do the dog last. You feel grateful she is doing you this favour.

The dog is taken out the back and left alone till its time for surgery. She is then sedated heavily, a mask is put on her face and she is given an anesthetic gas to keep her asleep. The surgery is done by the vet in 15 minutes and he uses suture material that is absorbable but puts stitches on the outside of the skin. The dog is then moved to the recovery area to wake up.

When you come in the evening to pick up the dog, she is still very groggy and unable to walk. You have to carry her into the car. The whole night she is uncomfortable and won’t settle. She is also constantly licking at her incision. By morning you notice that she has chewed off one of the stitches so you call the clinic. They tell you not to worry but to come and get an e-collar. The dog takes about 3 days to fully recover from the surgery.

So, let’s summarize the difference between a 200 and 500 Ringgit Spay.

RM 200 Spay RM 500 Spay
Staff that are average Highly skilled staff
No health exam prior to surgery Through health exam prior to surgery
No optional extras Offers IV fluids and blood test for owners to make informed choices
No pain relief prior to surgery Pain relief prior to surgery
Minimal or no anesthetic monitoring Modern anesthetic monitoring machines
Uses anesthetic gas that takes a long time to leave the body Uses the same anesthetic gas that is used on humans, safer and effects quickly wear off
External stitches can be removed and sometimes causes irritation. Needs to be removed in 14 days. Internal stitches dog is unable to chew at it and usually does not cause irritation. No need to come back for removal.
No pain relief after surgery Pain relief after surgery
Sent home with no care instructions A vet personally discharges the animal and explains how to care for the dog as well and dispensing some pain relief tablets to take home.

End results of both spays are usually the same. Most of the time there are no complications and we are none the wiser as to the difference. However, if things are to go wrong, it is much more likely to occur with the cheaper spay. Also, some people would like to be given the option to choose the best for their pets. It is important for all owners to be informed and be given the option to choose the level of care that best suits them.


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Isabel Ling

I graduated from University of Queensland in 2008 with a degree in Veterinary Science. I went on to work in a busy small animal clinic where I learnt to treat all kinds of ailments. I recently came back to Malaysia to have my first child and am planning open my own clinic in KL soon.

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  1. avatar

    I paid RM100+ for blood test and RM250 for neutering my boy. Not sure if they’ve used the anesthetic gas with less side effect but the rest appeared similar. It was performed at Caring Animal Clinic in Kota Kemuning. Dr Ng & Dr Kee have been taking care of my 4 dogs for a year now. :)

  2. avatar

    I sent my dog to a vet nearby. It was RM300, in Putra Heights. It was good. My dog can actually walk normally on the moment i picked him up! The stitches is also not visible. Very happy with the service! Good thing is she don’t need to overnight in the vet’s place. She can eat normally just little tired. I guess its RM300 because we don’t have the blood test done on her?

  3. avatar

    Wow, by the way you write, so people should go for the Rm500 spay instead of the Rm200.

    That really helps the clinic to earn more…

    • avatar

      Freewilly, Dr. Isabel made it clear that she is not urging pet owners to do anything but make informed decisions. She is not making a sales pitch for high-end vet clinics, but rather telling us what we can expect when we pay more vs. when we pay less. As a pet owner, I have noticed that some clinics charge more for services, and I appreciate knowing why. I may or may not choose the more expensive service, but at least I understand the difference now. Thank you, Dr. Isabel!

  4. avatar

    You can also get your cat/dog spayed at the SPCA/DBKL clinic at Jln Genting Klang for about RM100.00 plus.

  5. avatar

    the 200 vs 500 comments should be as general or personal opinion, all surgery come with risk, 500 doesnt mean our pet is safer than 200 or less.

    It all depends on the experiences and kind ethics of the vet, but do agreed that some of the vet like to squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeze the owner just for profit.
    we can share more infor about the personal experiences and findings

  6. avatar

    I find that this article is based on assumptions, how can you confirm every clinic is the same? There are vets that help rescuers for a lesser price, it doesnt mean their service is any less good. And if you are rescuing dogs on your own, it is impossible to go for the RM 500 option, its crazy. Most of the vets ive called up have given the price of RM 350, I think its a case of choosing the right vet that you trust to treat your dog.

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