All About Rabbit Poop


All About Rabbit Poop!

My apologies for the language but the word “Sh*t” is probably the most used word besides all the curse words throughout the world and in relation to that, rabbit fecal is the most discussed topic as well. It is a good thing that my post is limited to only 300 words (the most) as talking sh*t all day is not my cup of tea.

But the funny thing is, at times when we are mad at someone we may even ask them to ingest fecal materials as part of our curses. Pretty impossible to be done by any sane & reasonable thinking human being but in case you did not know, “eating sh*t” is part of the daily routine of rabbits and guinea pigs. In actual fact, rabbits re-ingest their own fecal material for nutritional reason.

Deciphering the different types of Rabbit Fecal Materials

Regular rabbit poop are round and hard just like canon balls.

During molting season, they can also come in the form of a “string of pearls” having both fecal and fur clumped together. Pet rabbits going through molt must stay hydrated at all times to avoid clogging of the stomach due to ingestion of excessive fur. They should also be given more hay to help with stomach motility.

Diarrhea or Cecal?

Cecotropes or cecal in short is the type of fecal material that rabbits will ingest or eat for nutritional values. You will almost not see these bunches of “grapes” with healthy rabbits because they produce enough to be ingested. Excessive cecal is usually an indication of imbalanced gut flora, bad diet or the rabbit in question is too obese to reach its vent area to re-ingest the cecal.


Cecal can be easily mistaken for diarrhea as both are foul smelling.


In order to ensure your rabbit have a healthy digestive system, feed it with a balance diet of Ultra Premium rabbit pellet, fresh hay and occasionally supplement them with pro-biotics.

I am glad that I am finally at the end of this sh*tty post and just in case you are about to ask somebun to eat sh*t, you better think twice because it is possible!



Timothy Chan

I am an animal lover since the age of 8 years old and in 2007, I took on the role of a show rabbit enthusiasts specializing in the Holland Lop breed. Through the years of raising this wonderful breed, I have also shared my experiences raising them at my blog - http://www.truluvrabbitry.com. My time away from the usual routine of work, family, my rabbits and blogging is mostly spent educating and sharing my knowledge with fellow rabbit enthusiasts both locally and internationally.

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