Are We So Different?


As we all know, charity for animals is one of the hardest projects to undertake, pursue and press on. In my humble opinion, this could be largely due to a widely held belief that human species has greater moral rights than animals. Hence, with that mindset being stored and practiced, animals are less deserving of help. Often times, charity for animals is†given the last priority in most human communities and societies.

Stray cats and dogs live a very hard life. They are homeless, they do not have a home to shield them from†the rain and other dangers. They have to run around scavenging for food from dustbins and if lucky, people may throw scraps of leftovers for them to eat, they may get to live another day if they survive today.

Many people may think they are a ‘nuisance’, some may be scalded with hot water, kicked, beaten with sticks, stones thrown at them and may even run over by cars. Some of them may be captured by the local town council and they never return. Picture yourself being caught and on a death row. The thought itself is frightening enough.

Animals may not have some of our cognitive abilities†but they do bear many similarities to us too. Just like us, they are able to love, to feel pain, to express gratitude and at the very least, they are alive and breathing the same air as we humans.

Since animals share the same capacity as we humans to love and to feel pain and suffering, they have the rights to deserve the same help, support and compassion that we would offer to any suffering human being. The fact that they are often neglected, victimised or abused makes them even more worthy of our help.

Animals are here for a reason – That is to teach us to practice compassion, to love unconditionally and to be a better human being. As Carrie Bradshaw from Sex and the City said, “The Best label has always been Love.”



Fiona Yuen

I am a girl that lives in a concrete jungle, but constantly seeks love & peace in the midst of animals that surrounds me. One who isn't afraid to speak her mind. A self-confessed animal lover, dogs especially. I have zero tolerance in animal injustice. Thus, i spend my time to help out shelters wherever my limits can possibly reach or maybe even beyond.

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