Are You Really Ready For It?


I have quite a lot of friends out there who are easily attracted to adorable puppies and wanted to bring them home just because they are cute.

“Oh everyone has a dog, I should get one too.”

“Awww…the puppy is so cute. I’m bringing it back.”

Now, let me ask you this.
1. Do you think you can really spend most of your time teaching / training your dog and taking care of it?
2. Can you be the one who is responsible for his / her life and future?
3. Are you sure you don’t mind your dog being with you for the rest of your life?

“Nah, don’t make it sounds so serious, Senri.”

Sorry bro, I’m not joking.

If you’re in the midst of thinking whether you should or should not adopt a puppy, please think of the questions above before you decide. It may be an easy task for you to just adopt the puppy and bring it home but to that little one, it’s more than anything. The puppy’s life and future lies in your hands from the moment you take it back home. Starting from that day, you’re his parent and his guardian. Yes, it’s that serious.

When boy boy was abandoned behind my house, he was just two weeks old and he was just like the size of a chick!

Here I would like to share two points with you because these answers can help you get a rough idea on what sort of process you will be expecting throughout the journey of having a dog as your companion. :)

*When a dog reaches one year old, it’s officially an adult dog. Younger than that, we’ll called it puppy.

A) A little puppy needs tons of care and attention because they’re young. They’re just like us, we don’t know anything when we were younger and we needed our parents to teach us. So now, it’s your role to take care of your pup’s food, health, etc. If you’re staying with your family, please discuss with your family members as the early stage will greatly affect your daily life. Why so? That’s because you will be spending most of your time doing these tasks: feeding, shower & grooming, cleaning the pee & poop, training, playing and bringing it for constant check up and vaccination at the vet.

B) If you’re a supporter of adoption, YAY for you! However, that doesn’t mean that you don’t have to spend money on your puppies. Please think of your budget as raising a puppy is just as expensive I would say. That’s because you’re going to spend the money of its daily meal, shampoo, vaccination and check ups. If you’re bringing your dog for boarding or desexing operation, that’s more extra money you need to pay.

In conclusion, taking care of and raising a puppy are just like taking care of a child. It needs all the attention and love from you guys as well as an environment that they could live comfortably. During the process, you may think it’s hard to train them, that they used up lots of your money in food and health, but with all the love and care you gave to your dog, they will certainly appreciate you and love you back as well. That’s what they will give you in return, an unconditional love that would protect you and your family. :)


Now, he's a healthy two-year-old, mature dog.




Senri Ning

Hello world! I'm Senri, a full time student and a part time blogger. I'm also a freelance writer and photographer who loves taking random photos with the 24/7 helper, EOS60D. My story begins with a small little puppy that came into my life suddenly and since that day, I was inspired to be an animal lover. Of course, I'm still and always blessed to be able to enjoy every single moment with Boy Boy.

Now it's time to contribute back to the community. it's my turn to inspire and educate the society with the knowledge and experience I've gained along the way. :)

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