Teaching "Sit"


Every dog can sit, but they don’t instinctively understand that the word “sit” means you want it to plop its butt down on the ground. Dogs need to be taught to understand our commands and should not be expected to know English from the get-go!

Kang Nee, a certified professional dog trainer with a PhD in Zoology, works with us and the dogs in our shelter. Under her Canine Education programme, she works with our volunteers and helps us train our dogs so they can better adapt to their environment.

Canine Education @ SPCA Life Skill #3: Teaching “Sit”

Watch as Kiyo and Kang Nee of cheerfuldogs.com demonstrate how you can translate for your dog and help it learn to sit promptly and willingly each time.

One of the basic skills for a dog, but it’s not just about getting your dog to be obedient. Learn together positively and practise wherever you go. Kiyo show…




SPCA Singapore

The Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA Singapore) is the first registered animal welfare organisation in Singapore. The two main objectives of SPCA Singapore are: to promote kindness to animals and birds, and to prevent cruelty to animals and birds.

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