Touching Story Of A Modern Day Hachiko


A dog in the Bolivian city of Cochabamba is quietly teaching the townspeople lessons in loyalty, love and perseverance.

The Bolivian dog has spent the past five years waiting on the corner of a street where his owner tragically died. The dog’s story is so reminiscent of Hachiko, the famous Japanese dog who stayed outside a a train station for 9 years after his owner died, that some residents have named him Hachi. Others are calling him Huachito or Huachi.

The residents and the businesses on Pope Paul Avenue have observed Hachi waiting and grieving for his deceased owner over the years and shared his story.

“It has been five years since his owner died in a motorcycle accident,” said Román Luján, the owner of a deli meat shop. The young man was a university student and followed the same route on motorcycle everyday with his dog chasing after him. Hachi would run behind the man’s motorcycle and the student shouted to him to go home. The dog followed him for about two blocks and then returned home. Then, one day, the young man was hit by a taxi and died while on the way to hospital. Hachi remained on the corner, watching and waiting for him to return.

After the young man died, his family tried to take Hachi home but he ran away and returned to the place where is owner died. Martha Elizabeth Garcia, who sells newspapers in the area, said several neighbors in the area have also tried to take Hachi home. But he refuses to move from the corner. She said that every day Hachi walks down the street, sits on the corner and howls. “It is sad because he cries for hours on the planter, Martha told Opinion. “Some American tourists found out about his history in the market and wanted to take him,” she said. But, she explained, Hachi seems to know when someone wants to take him and never lets himself get caught.

Over the years, the merchants and neighbors have taken care of the faithful dog. His sad eyes and loyal heart have aroused their compassion. They love him, feed him, give him water and care for him if he gets sick. When a vehicle struck him recently and he hurt his leg, the residents scolded the driver. They took up a collection and payed for a vet to look after Hachi’s leg.

Although the one person Hachi hopes to see will never come back, Hachi has become part of everyday life in the neighborhood. His loyalty and devotion has ensured he has a new family looking out for him.

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