Rescue After Rescue (4/5): Thumper


“Thumper” is a fictional rabbit character from one of Disney’s cartoons Bambi. We have our very own canine version Thumper too, and he is named so because of the resemblance of his ears with the rabbit!

Thumper is an innocent young puppy who greets everyone with wags of his thin long tail. He can be carried, manhandled in any way and not even resist. How can such a sweet boy survive being a stray? But every stray caregiver will have such dogs and we only have endless worry for them – be it being abused or being caught by dog catchers for being too trusting.

Thumper in happier times before the attack

That fateful weekday evening, Thumper was attacked by a pack of five big adult dogs. What crime did he commit? He simply went up to a contractor whom he recognized to happily greet him. The attack was triggered solely by jealousy and pack instinct. We will not say the five dogs were vicious but Thumper as the weaker and lone dog was unfortunately deemed as prey to them. The two volunteers who happened to be present, together with the contractor, fought off the big dogs and finally managed to get them to release their grip on the helpless little boy. The humans got injured too in the process but poor Thumper was already drifting in and out of consciousness by then.


Thumper’s multiple bite wounds L
We had to rush Thumper to the nearest clinic for emergency treatment and resuscitation. He was already in a state of shock and he had sixteen puncture wounds. There was only wound cleaning and temporary stitching done at the first vet, and we transferred Thumper to our regular vet for professional treatment. The next day upon being warded at our regular vet, Thumper underwent a surgery over three hours. The side wound was actually a stomach muscle tear and not fat layer damage as initially diagnosed. It was an incorrect diagnosis of minor injury and the temporary stitching got infected but luckily our regular vet managed to set everything right.




Thumper being transferred to our regular vet 
One of Thumper’s bigger wounds
A few days later, we visited Thumper and what a great progress he has made. His smaller wounds have all dried up and closed, and he was a much happier boy. We are thankful he was still as affectionate and goofy, and the clinic staff likes him a lot. Thumper will still be warded for a few more days as the vet just wants to ensure the swelling of one of the bigger belly wounds subside a bit more to make sure there is no muscle injury.
Thumper still as affectionate
  Thumper “borrowing” the clinic dog’s bed!

We have luckily found a fosterer for Thumper so that he can have a clean environment to recuperate from his wounds. And for sure, he will be up for adoption once he gets better! J


With the multiples rescue cases pouring in, our vet bills are at an all high these few months. We appreciate any bit of contribution from each and everyone of you, and also need your sharing to spread the word about adoption for Nugget, Di Di (and siblings), Thumper and Teddy! Please email us at noahsarkcares@gmail.com if you are able to help in any way, thank you.

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