Saving Pets In Shelters: Zappos Does It Again


In case you are new to Best Friends or this blog, last year Zappos, the incredibly customer-centric online shoe retailer, partnered with Best Friends to sponsor what turned out to be perhaps the most successful pet adoption promotion ever.

Rather than offer Black Friday discounts on merchandise, the folks at Zappos decided to put a big chunk of change toward saving lives and making a difference for thousands of pets in shelters. Teaming up with Best Friends, Zappos sponsored fee-waived adoptions for more than 6,200 dogs and cats from Black Friday through Cyber Monday.

The campaign was so popular that it not only blew the doors off shelters and rescue groups around the country, but Zappos blew the top off of Facebook likes and shares.

Pet adoptions are smart business and a great example of doing well by doing good. So this year, Zappos and Best Friends are upping the ante and setting a target of 9,000 adoptions during the Black Friday/Cyber Monday weekend through 126 participating Best Friends network partners around the country.

The adoption goal of 9,000 is not arbitrary. That’s the number of homeless pets killed in America’s shelters every day — pets just like your cat who sleeps on your pillow every night or your dog who greets you when you come home from work.

These animals are not damaged or problematic. They are victims in the truest sense of the word — victims of circumstances over which they have no control. So what better way to celebrate Thanksgiving weekend and the beginning of the holiday season than to give the gift of a new life to thousands of deserving dogs and cats?

So, a big thank you to Zappos, and we ask everyone who reads this blog to spread the word to help us save more lives.

Please visit this link to find a participating Best Friends network partner near you.

Let’s empty the shelters! Let’s Save Them All!

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Julie Castle
Chief Development, Marketing and Communications Officer
Best Friends Animal Society

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