Minnie’s Check-Up At The Vet’s Today (liver Readings Normal)


This morning was Minnie’s appointment at the vet’s.

She’s getting braver now so she made noise in the car all the way there.

The good news is….Minnie’s liver readings are back to normal now!!

It started with an ALT reading of 394 when first rescued on 18th April 2020. Then, it went down to 329, to 176 and today, it is back to normal at 126!


Just to be on the safe side, I wanted something for Minnie to protect her liver, so the vet said I could give her CordyHep for 30 days. It’s a milk thistle supplement.

So, Minnie is all okay and her expected date of delivery is around the 2nd week of June.

However, Minnie has balding in her lower back. Upon examination, it’s fungal. The vet said she probably already had the fungus when rescued and it is manifesting now because of the stress of being caged or the stress of not being able to run away (escape).

For the fungus, the vet prescribed Becarin cream twice a day. It that does not work, I would have to bathe Minnie with Malaseb. Minnie cannot be given any anti-fungal oral medication because of her pregnancy.

Anyway, it is an external problem. But let’s hope the fungus will not spread to Smurfy. I also think that with a raw diet, the fungal problem might resolve by itself too.

Back home now.

Still waiting for our contractor to get the materials to Minnie-proof the patio. I guess some factories are not in operation yet.

Source: https://myanimalcare.org/2020/05/09/minnies-check-up-at-the-..




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