Anyone Recognise This Dog?. Someone Has Just Dumpe..


Anyone recognise this dog?

Someone has just dumped this young female dog today and left her on a leash infront of our shelter. She is friendly.

Please help us find her owner if she was a lost dog so we can return her and if she was intentionally dumped, it will help to know who she belonged to.

Please help us share this post.


#neuteryourpets #beresponsible #petforlife #animalshavefeelings

Source: https://www.facebook.com/Langkawi.LASSie/photos/a.4789850555..




The Langkawi Animal Shelter and Sanctuary Foundation is set-up to receive, rehabilitate and care for neglected, abused and needy animals. The organization also runs the Langkawi Island Animal Clinic - a charity project aimed at the sterilization of the stray cat & dog population. Both are non profit ventures, staffed partly by volunteers and aimed at improving the lives of unwanted animals.

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