Yesterday Afternoon We Went Back To Setiawalk Puch..


Yesterday afternoon we went back to SetiaWalk Puchong to trap more cats for neutering. It was a very fruitful day, we caught 6 cats. Even the traps we brought weren’t enough. The true hero and heroin were Mr Navin ( the head of security of SetiaWalk ) and Li Lian. We dropped the traps with them ( because we needed to release a cat neutered last week nearby ) and they managed to trap all the cats by themselves. This is what we called team work. Bravo to them. So far, 12 cats have been caught and neutered and 3 kittens were picked up ( fostered by us ). We are working hand in hand with SetiaWalk management to control the cat population there. Thanks so much to Mr Ramesh for giving us the green light to help the cats there.

Thanks so much Lilian for the great work and for sponsoring all their neutering costs.

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