Update On The Boy. The Boy Was Admitted At Gasing ..


Update on The Boy:

The Boy was admitted at Gasing Vet on 30th March 2021 due to dog bite. The bite wound on the scrotum and back leg joint was infected. The vet had taken sample to send for culture and sensitivity test as joint infection is a serious thing to treat. The Boy went in for surgery to remove the infected dead tissues on the scrotum and on the back leg. The culture sensitivity test result showed that The Boy has been infected with multiresistant bacteria called staphylococcus and the bacteria is only sensitive to one type of antibiotics which is Imipenem. Multiresistant bacteria is very severe case that if the one and only antibiotic doesn’t work, then The Boy might not make it as the infection will go into blood steam later on and cause septicemia and death. The vet had to put him strictly on the antibiotics for up to 2 weeks. Imipenem is actually human antibitotic and it was purchased from a private hospital for The Boy. The price is RM150 per bottle and The Boy needed around 5 bottles for 2 weeks that cost RM750 for the antibiotic alone. Luckily, The Boy responded well to the antibiotic and he has completed his 10 days of antibiotics treatment. All his wounds have healed and closed up. He is eating well now ready to be discharged.

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