He Was A Stray Pup Living With A Pack Of Other Dog..


He was a stray pup living with a pack of other dogs fed by Vichitra, his feeder and reacuer who decided to get him off the streets because he had such a sweet and lovable personality and that he deserved a good home.

He was sent to our panel for neutering. A day later, we got a text from Elma who expressed the wish to adopt him. Straight away we knew that he was going to have a great life. Indeed he is.

We’ll just let the pictures speak for themselves.

Elma is often asked by passers by when she takes him out for walks, what breed is he and how much did she buy him at. This shows that a stray could look as beautiful as their pure breed counterparts when given proper care. So, start adopting.

Thanks so much Vichitra for making a huge difference in his life journey and thanks so much Elma for the good if not the best life he’s having. Nothing makes us happier than to know we played a small part too in the process.

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