Urgent – Kitten Fosterer/adopter Needed (Christine Tio’s)


From Christine ([email protected]):

Hi, sis kah yein, my name is Christine, I get to know you through sister cheoh, I read some of your book including the “paw prints on my heart”. Last Friday, I noted there were meowing sound came from the ceiling of my house. I wasn’t know what to do. Thinking that the mother cat will carry away the kitten soon. Waited for 3 days. Meowing sound weaken. Yesterday, I get a contractor to cut a hole on the ceiling and help take out 4 little kitten.

I put them in a carton, thought of the meowing from the kitten may attract the mother cat to come and feed the baby, from morning till afternoon, no avail. One kitten and another breath their last. I know I couldn’t wait any longer, I rush to the pet shop for help, get 2 milk bottle and milk powder, my part time house helper help to feed the 2 kitten (she rear kitten before).

Sad to say, at night, one pass away. My children and I feel sad for them. However, we have one survivor. We must do our best to help him/her(I do not know whether it is male or female). Then, I recall that I read before the “paw print”‘ I quickly found out the book and go through quickly, this morning, I fed the kitten with bottle milk, then I stroke the stomach and using cotton with warm water as you said in the book, I rub gently on the bowel and the private part, after a while, it really deficate, I clean it up with warm water.

The kitten now is sleeping. I also boil water and soak in a flu nursing pad till it become warm, I wrap it with a handkerchief and put beside the kitten, now, it lays just beside the warm nursing pad, I hope that warm will imitate the mother cat body warm.

Now I really need help, I have six children, I never rear cat before, my part time helper can not help. Please I need your advice of what to do next. Anybody else could help to take care please. I have buried three, I really pray this one will survive. HELP!




If you can help, please call Christine directly at 012-2089413 or email her.


UPDATES at 8.56pm - After several email exchanges with Christine, I think she is doing a marvelous job looking after “Stronghold”.

From Christine:

Thank you for being so helpful.

I have visited the animal care website and have noted your advice. I am continuing feeding the kitten at 2 to 3 hours interval and changing the warming pad every now n then. Hope the warm is enough to sustain the kitten needs.

My worry now is I do not know exactly how much milk the kitten take each time. I can’t just from the milk bottle.  I am also worry whether it is healthy. How old it is by now. Is it a male or a female. Do I need to send it to the vet for a proper checkup……..

Each time I run out to fetch my children, the kitten image pop up in my mind while driving. I quickly rush home and peep to see if it is still ok. What a relieve, it is still breathing. But, will it be able to make it longer, it seems to take so little milk and sleeps most of the time.

Please advice. Thank you.

I told Christine the kitten will know how much she needs to drink. From the photo of the kitten, I think 1-2 ml every 1-2 hours should be okay, but it’s best that Christine takes the kitten to the vet’s tomorrow for proper advice. Remember over-feeding is more hazardous than underfeeding. But then again, hypoglycaemia (low glucose) is also equally dangerous.  A vet would be the best to advise, but for now, I think Christine is doing well. Her heart is in the right place. We can always learn and put in the effort when our heart is there and we care.

Further news from Christine:

Thank you for your advice. My children like the kitty very much. They have given it a name; “stronghold”. I do believe a strong name could create great spirit. May it be strong to keep its breath n grow healthily.

Yes, it drinks from the pet-bottle and it sucks well. I will carefully take note before feeding n after feeding to know how much difference the milk been taken. Will let you know later. Thanks again for your concern.

Will arrange to visit vet tomorrow.

I think we might just have a new kitten-caregiver here, right? And a great example to her 6 children, too!

Let’s cheer her on, folks.

What does it take to make a caregiver?

1. Heart
2. Effort
3. The willingness to learn

Christine obviously has all three.

Updates at 10.28pm:

 I fed the the kitten with milk powder that I bought from the pet shop yesterday after waiting for half a day for the mother cat to return but no avail.  I suspected the other three cats couldn’t make it through because they were being abandon there for couple of days. Please help to pray for their souls to stay calm n peaceful. May they be born to a better world that lead to no suffering.

Christine, you’re doing a great job. The three deceased ones have already been reborn to a better place, so we have to let go and concentrate on the living – Stronghold. Bring Stronghold to the vet tomorrow and take the vet’s advice.  Meanwhile, you are doing fine. Keep Stronghold warm as the weather is very cold.

Updates at 10.34pm:

Dear Christine,

On Tue, Mar 13, 2012 at 10:14 PM, christine tio <[email protected]> wrote:

Try to locate the mother but can’t find. Kitten stay in the kitchen, sleep well. Just fed. Taken about 4ml of milk. It moves a lot now while feeding. It’s front paws are strong and swinging around, like trying to catch or hold something. It’s are sharp too.  I think a too kind mother may spoilt the kids. So I have to wrap it all around with handkerchief and hold tight to it’s jaw while feeding. And it sucks till falls asleep.

Keep Stronghold warm as the weather is very cold.  Use hot water bottle, if need be.  Warmth is very essential for any young kitten.

Any possibility that the mother cat won’t return.


Any good reason she has to abandon the little one?

Good mothers won’t abandon.  Some are not very good mothers, they might leave their children.
The mother may have met with an accident too.  Hopefully, no.

I am curious. Can you advice a bit on cat’s habitual. Is it really difficult for the kitten to survive without the mother cat?

No, it’s not.  Sometimes, a kitten is better with a human than with a mum who doesn’t care.  Believe me, you are doing a great job.

Start to worry again. I do hope I could pick up the lesson of letting go, seems a bit difficult now.

No need to let go, if you’re not ready.  Just let things be.  Accept and be at peace.

Source: http://myanimalcare.org/2012/03/13/urgent-kitten-fostereradopter-needed-christine-tios/




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