Cat Care 101


Cats have been said to be easy to care for and for the most part, this is true. For instance, they are remarkable easy to toilet train and they do not need you to walk them. Provided your cat has access to a safe outdoor area each day, then you may even be able to skip exercising your pet.

Here are a few basic things cats do need.


Species appropriate food

Cats are obligate carnivores and do not thrive on plant based proteins. Choose a food high in animal protein and ensure they are adequately supplemented with oils and vitamins which are usually insufficient in dry biscuit type food due to the way it is manufactured.


Clean water

It is easy to overlook this but cats need plenty of clean water. They are actually designed to eat raw meat (think mice and rabbits) which are 70% water. As most pet cats are fed a biscuit type food, they need to get this water from another source.



Cats are usually excellent in this aspect and will use a toilet when it is available; and sufficiently clean. If you have a multi cat household, make sure you have one more toilet than you have cats. For example, if you have 3 cats, provide four toilets. This can prevent all manner of trouble from fighting, toilet hogging to improper elimination.

The type of litter used in also very important. Clay litters are bad for the environment and can result in accidental ingestion or urinary tract infections because they clump. They are also dusty and can cause asthma in cats. Furthermore, because they coagulate, owners find it more difficult to monitor their petís urine and faeces which is a critical first step in observing their health. Where possible choose non-clumping non-clay litters.



Cats need toys to play with. They enjoy things that squeak or rattle, jiggle and roll. The like feathers and fur and bright colours. Toys allow them to vent excess energy and display natural behaviours such as stalking, pouncing and hunting.

A good sturdy cat tree is a nice thing to have but critical if your cat gets little outdoor access. These allow them to climb, hide and scratch; all perfectly normal behaviours. Without this, they may turn to shredding your furniture and hunting your ankles.



All cats need to be brushed at least once a week. Owners should also look at their teeth, ears and bottom. These should be clean and odourless. The front claws should be trimmed every ten days but leave the back claws untouched. They help them to climb and if they should get into a fight, defend themselves to a certain degree.

Long haired cats may require a lot more grooming but all cats should become accustomed to having a bath as these are great for killing fleas and removing general muck and grime.



Alicia Horsley

Alicia Horsley is the owner of Pet Epicure, which is more than just a pet boutique and luxury cat boarding facility. They are devoted and passionate animal lovers, believing in responsible & ethical pet ownership and breeding, raw feeding, helping abandoned animals, education and disseminating information.

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