Ted - A Small Cat With A Lot Of Courage


Ted the cat came into our lives one day and all of us at the Langkawi Animal Shelter & Sanctuary Foundation (LASSie) fell immediately and deeply in love. Volunteer vets Sarah MacLaren and Jenny Shell found him one evening as they ate their dinner at an outdoor restaurant along Langkawi Islandís popular Cenang Beach. He was obviously suffering, painfully thin and meowing pitifully. Upon closer inspection they saw that his lower jaw was broken in half and dislocated. His teeth had been shoved into his gums causing terrible pain and he was starving to death because he couldnít eat. In spite of his obvious distress, one of the restaurantís waiters attempted to hit him with a stick to chase him away. We believe this may be how Tedís jaw was broken; cruelty at the hands of a heartless human. Sarah and Jenny tenderly bundled him up in their arms and brought him back to LASSieís clinic in a taxi.
LASSie vets Dr Tim and Dr Lesley immediately started Ted on a regimen of IV fluid therapy. He was severely dehydrated and malnourished and the first thing they needed to do was make sure he could actually withstand treatment and reconstructive surgery. The first couple of days in the clinic, he lay in his cage looking defeated and depressed as if he had completely lost the will to live. His eyes were blank and he barely moved. Our hearts ached for him. We took turns visiting him, talking to him encouragingly and petting him. He always purred when we came to him even though he was in pain and this was extremely touching. His cage was placed on the floor close to the desk where I worked and I spoke to him often. He always meowed back. Once he had his energy back he began to wolf down soft food in spite of his injury. He had a huge appetite and could always go for second, third, and even fourth rounds of soft food. We were all rooting for him and waiting for the day he could have his surgery. Dr Timís plan was to wire his jaw back together and leave the wires in for 6 weeks to give him time to heal.
Finally, Tedís big day came. We had all been looking forward to this and couldnít wait for Ted to experience his new repaired jaw. We wanted to watch him chowing down without discomfort and see him enjoying the chewiness and crunch of harder foods. The surgery was a success and we saw Ted lying down in his cage. Wires protruded from the bottom of his jaw but we could see that it was back in place. We were thrilled to see him looking so handsome and content. All of us had an image of his bright new future and it included lots of delicious food and cuddles from loving people. We were all inspired by his journey and courage.
Ted was well on the road to recovery when one day he just seemed a little less like himself. He didnít eat his breakfast and he looked tired. He wasn’t his†usual cuddly self.†We thought it was part of his recovery process or he just wasnít in such a good mood. The next day he was worse. He lay on his side and still he didnít eat. We were terribly worried but didnít know what was wrong. He had to be put back on IV fluid therapy and the next day he was unresponsive. He didnít move at all and his tongue began to swell. It soon became clear that despite all the vetsí best efforts, all the medication, and all the love we poured into him, he had developed a horrible infection and it was killing him. His breathing became laboured, his tongue swelled so much his mouth wouldnít close, and he was in a coma. We knew it was over for him and now his body was just hanging on for us. The heartbreaking decision was made for him to be euthanized. It was a quiet day at the clinic, a Sunday, and it was closed. Just two of us were with him when it happened. I pet him and spoke softly to him as the life left his little body. We waited until he was gone and then I went back to work and cried.
Goodbye sweet Ted. Thank you for sharing your life with us and inspiring us to try harder to help others like you. We hope that you felt how much we loved you and how much we wanted for your future. Rest in peace our brave little tiger.



Lynette Lim

After 5 years as a money market broker in Kuala Lumpur I now live and work at the Langkawi Animal Shelter & Sanctuary Foundation at the beautiful Bon Ton and Temple Tree Resorts on Langkawi Island. I have always had a passion for rescuing and fostering animals. Now I get to live my dream and dedicate my life to animal welfare.

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