What Are The Benefits Of Desexing Your Dog?


This topic has been discussed to death in all animal welfare forums. It seems everyone should already know this right? So lets recap on your basic knowledge on benefits of desexing and explain why its beneficial to everyone.

  • Male dogs are less likely to raise their legs if desexed before they hit puberty. Why? Because they are too young to need to mark their territories. Did you know some female dogs will mark their territories too? Desexing reduces territorial behaviour. YAY! No more stinky car tyres and dead plants.
  • Desexing your dog can save its life. This is especially important in female dogs because they can suffer from a condition where their uterus fills up with pus after they go on heat. If you desex them, the uterus is removed and therefore this cannot occur. Also, female dogs are less likely to get mammary tumors and males are less likely to develop prostate problems.
  • Desexing calms them down. This is true because when you remove the sex hormones, their life goals change. We can probably all understand the feeling of trying finding the right partner for us and the ups and downs of it all. A dog left entire is like a person forever trying to find the right person but never finding that person. Thats a sad life.
  • Desexed dogs are healthier. Some conditions can be made worse by having raging hormones such as demodex. We all know what its like to be a pimply teenager going through puberty with your hormones raging. Its the same for dogs so if you felt terrible during your puberty then do your dog a favor and spare it the heartache.
  • Do you know how many animals get put to sleep every year? Australia euthanized 250,000 animals last year. In 2008, America euthanized 3.7 million animals. Most people would like to make a difference in this world. This is how you can make a difference. Desex your pet and reduce the number of unwanted litters. Every little bit helps.



Isabel Ling

I graduated from University of Queensland in 2008 with a degree in Veterinary Science. I went on to work in a busy small animal clinic where I learnt to treat all kinds of ailments. I recently came back to Malaysia to have my first child and am planning open my own clinic in KL soon.

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