Dog For Adoption (Male, 6 Months, Penang)


Dear All,here is the latest dog he is a male dog, medium sized about 6 months of age. This dog just appeared 3 days ago in the area and someone has put a temporary makeshift collar with license on him. He is being fed by a few neighbours but no one can house him as they have many pets with them.He is very sweet and good with children. If you can foster or adopt him, please let us know. As the weather is quite rainy, he may not have adequate shelter.
Please consider the environment before printing this emailThank you.Kind Regards,GrASSgrass.pg@gmail.com http://grasspg.blogspot.com

Source: http://grasspg.blogspot.com/2012/08/dog-for-adoption-male-6-months-penang.html




GrASS is a non-profit organisation run by a group of friends who want to promote the awareness about stray, abused, neglected, abandoned, & unwanted animals. We want to help impose heftier fines & better laws for animal rights, protection & insurance. We rescue & re-home as we feel that all animals deserve second chances to live a better life in getting a good loving home, & to spend it with those they love.

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