How To Choose A Healthy Rabbit


There is no 100% fool-proof way of acquiring a 100% healthy rabbit if you are unable to see for yourself the source where the rabbit come from, but the following are a few steps you can take to screen through before bringing a bunny home.

Surrounding environment

Whether it is an open rabbitry or a pet store, make sure you take a step back and ensure that the general environment is clean. There should not be any sick animals within the vicinity.

General Health

No runny nose

When choosing a rabbit, check the rabbit from head to tail. Ensure that the ears are well furred without any signs of crusty ears that may be due to mites or mange. The rabbit’s eyes should be bright and clear from mucus. There should not be tears or tear stains around the rabbit’s eyes as well. The nose and muzzle areas should be dry without any white discharge. Look at the teeth and ensure that neither the top incisors nor the bottom incisors overlap each other.

The neck area should be clear from dandruff or flakes. The rabbit generally should be well furred without bald spots. Ensure that its feet do not have sores or bald spots.


An example of clean, bright & sparkly eye

Cheers to good teeth!

The rabbit’s vent area should be clean and dry — wet vent is a sign of diarrhea.

When left to move freely, the rabbit should be perky, active and shows inquisitiveness. Rabbits should not be lethargic unless it is sick or the environment is too warm.

Observe the enclosure for any signs of diarrhea and faeces of irregular sizes. A healthy rabbit eliminates rounded faeces like mini cannon balls of regular sizes.

Avoid purchasing any rabbits from the location even if one rabbit is found with any of the above mentioned conditions.


A clean bum!

Healthy "Canon Ball" poops


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Timothy Chan

I am an animal lover since the age of 8 years old and in 2007, I took on the role of a show rabbit enthusiasts specializing in the Holland Lop breed. Through the years of raising this wonderful breed, I have also shared my experiences raising them at my blog - http://www.truluvrabbitry.com. My time away from the usual routine of work, family, my rabbits and blogging is mostly spent educating and sharing my knowledge with fellow rabbit enthusiasts both locally and internationally.

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