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Are you a responsible cat owner? At Whiskas, nothing is more important to us than driving responsible pet ownership and were here to encourage you to be one. Thats why were here to help. You can make a difference in your cats life and yours by following these steps.

The most important thing is to love your cat, admire her and be patient with her as she admires you and is patient with you. Understand her behavioral problems, teach her obedience and show her affection. Next, provide her with a complete and balanced diet and make sure that she has fresh water to drink at all times. Thirdly, pay attention to your cats health. Make sure that she gets all the vaccinations she needs annually and also ensure that she gets her regular check-ups.

Moving on, its important that your cat looks and feels good. Keep her groomed and clean at all times. Besides that, get a license for your cat, make sure that she has an identification on her at all times so its never a mystery who your beautiful cat belongs to. Another important part of being a responsible pet owner is to keep your cat active, take her out for walks and spend time playing with her. Exchanging this positive energy strengthens the bond between you and your cat.

Also, having a cat requires you to understand and obey the local leash laws, which involves cleaning up after her in public. Theres a saying, Picking up pet poo is better than picking up bad manners. This brings us to our next point, which is respect. Do not keep your cat cooped up in a cage all day, and train her to have good manners. Lastly, visit your veterinarian about spaying or neutering your cat and get as much advice as you can about how to give your cat the life she deserves.

Love your cat and she will love you back, be a responsible pet owner and youll see that having a cat is truly a blessing that just takes a little appreciation from time to time.




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