The next new volunteers briefing will be held at SPCA Penang premises at 9am on Saturday, October 20. It would help us if you could complete the volunteer form http://spca-penang.net/spcapix/volunteer.doc and submit to us before the 20th. But it can be done on the day.

Source: http://spca-penang.net/spcapix/volunteer.doc



SPCA Penang

SPCA Penang's main objectives are to prevent the unnecessary suffering of animals and to ensure responsible pet ownership. Hence the Society acts to prevent cruelty to animals and promotes kindness towards them by fostering an intelligent public interest regarding Man's duty animals.

Though the Society is sometimes compelled to put down an animal, our work covers a much more wider scope of rescuing, rehabilitating, healing and re-homing the animals.

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