How To Spot Bad Breeders


Bad Breeders: How to spot and avoid them!

I often receive emails from pet owners in distress seeking help to save their sick rabbits. More often than not, the problem traces back to acquiring young rabbits from unscrupulous sources.

The rabbits either suffer from congenital diseases or develop certain sickness due to weak immune systems. One of the most common fatal problems is caused by unscrupulous breeders weaning rabbits too young.

Knowledge is POWER!

The key to a successful acquisition of a pet bunny is to equip oneself with the proper knowledge. Without knowledge and awareness there is no way one can spot a bad breeder. Do as much research as you can, read up more about rabbits and if possible, join the many online forums.

Turning on your RADAR!

It is also good to visit rabbitries that allow visitors. Most often than not, these rabbitries give themselves away and do not feel obligated to bring a bunny home while you are there. Avoid breeders that house many rabbits of different ages in the same cage and sometimes in small cages too.

Dead or Asleep?

Do not be shy to ask questions. Ask questions about proper diet, general care, the breed of rabbits raised at the premise and make sure you have done your research prior to the visit. Avoid a breeder that is unable to advice you adequately or you have doubt about the information he/she shares with you.

A responsible breeder will also ask you questions to ensure that their rabbits will be well taken care of and therefore, you should also be prepared to answer honestly so that the breeder will be able help you ascertain if a rabbit fits your lifestyle.

Avoid breeders that are always in a hurry to sell your their rabbits, meet you in dark and secluded places and do not go through a basic health check with you.

By getting a baby rabbit that is above 8 weeks old, you have already won half the battle.



Timothy Chan

I am an animal lover since the age of 8 years old and in 2007, I took on the role of a show rabbit enthusiasts specializing in the Holland Lop breed. Through the years of raising this wonderful breed, I have also shared my experiences raising them at my blog - http://www.truluvrabbitry.com. My time away from the usual routine of work, family, my rabbits and blogging is mostly spent educating and sharing my knowledge with fellow rabbit enthusiasts both locally and internationally.

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