Dawn's Doggy Diary, Part 4


I went for walkies with Dave in the morning and did my wee wee at various spots to mark my territory. Gotta show these Bandar Kinrara dogs whos boss. Then he heated up my healthy gourmet doggy meal and made me wait till it completely cooled down before I could eat it.

After eating, I circled clockwise continuously to let him know that I needed to poo poo but he just laughed at me and called me a silly dog. I just might change your name to circular he grinned. I tried one last time I circled anti-clockwise to let him know that I couldnt hold it any longer and then I proceeded to poo poo into my food bowl.

The smile left his face as he grabbed me and put me on a pile of newspapers that he had put in a corner of the bathroom. Bad dog! Bad Dawn! Bad girl! he kept scolding me. Poo poo here on the newspapers. What! On the newspapers? But the Prime Ministers face is on it. Is he mad?

But I had told him, hadnt I? Its not my fault if hes illiterate in doggy-speak. Maybe I should send him to obedience school. He seemed pretty obedient to Veronica. She must have trained him well. She and I definitely need to talk about him.

He left me alone again in the house for a few hours and when he returned he had bought me two doggy beds from Ikea. One for his house and one for Veronicas place. That night I fell asleep on my new red Ikea bed. I like this life so far.

I woke up in the morning and waited for Dave to take me for walkies. So I cant understand why he got upset when I wee weed on the bedroom floor when he said to get ready because we were going for walkies. I swear, I will never understand men.

In the afternoon he fed me lunch and Veronica came and complained that I was very smelly and they bathed me again. Then she left.

Later in the evening he fed me dinner and tried to put me in the car to go to Patricks place but I was struggling so much he put his car keys on the seat and picked me up and put me in the car and closed the door with a satisfied smile. I stepped on the keys. Click! The car doors locked. Man! You should have seen his face. He really panicked.

Well the doofus tried opening all the doors and then he called Patrick to get a locksmith and to tell him to hurry because his Dawn was trapped in the car and the air might run out. Then he tapped on the window and told me not to panic because he would break the window and rescue me if the air ran out. Haiya, so much drama meh?

Anyway, Patrick and his daughter came, the locksmith came after 20 minutes and took 2 seconds to open the car door then we all went to Patricks house. Man! I like this place. Besides Jeannie, I met two other doggies – Cookie and Nina. I ran here. I ran there. I met the nice Mrs Patrick and her daughter Sydney. I smelled everything in the house. I got bored. I fell asleep.

Later Veronica came and joined us and I followed her home to her house and slept on my other new blue Ikea bed. I like my beds. Yawn. Gnite, yall.

Dawn would like to wish all Wagazine readers a blessed New Year. May you be empowered to do just that little bit more for animal awareness in 2013.


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Dave Avran

Describe Dave Avran? Now that's complicated. The dude graduated with a double degree in hospitality management and marketing from UWA, Perth, WA and proceeded to terrorize poor hotel and resort staff for the next 28 years as a General Manager. He likes big bikes and fast cars, and indulged in his passion for writing and music as a journalist, editor, lifestyle magazine publisher, and then proceeded to the theatre as actor and talent manager before becoming active in animal welfare activism. He's widely sought after for his PR and Publicist networking, and is a social media junkie who's wired 24/7. While doing all that, he still finds time to jet set and reviews all the music festivals in this region.

We told ya it's complicated. For today, let's just make life simple and call him an avid animal lover.

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