Help Needed To Find Good Home For This Mama Dog An..


Help needed to find good home for this mama dog and her puppy. Can anyone help take her in?

Just an update on my post below and to make another shoutout:

When I first went to the site,where the reported ‘dog in the drain’ was made I could not find any dog at all. However looking closer I found a little palm size furball female puppy. VERY cute.

Looking around, I did not see any of her other siblings and proceeded to take her to my car and to the Vet.

Wasting a few minutes, luckily, to post the status of the rescue to MDDB below and turning the car a full circle, I saw a young mother dog looking sad and lost.

My fiancee then brought the pup down to the female dog to check her reaction and as it turned out, the mother sog was SO happy she cried (tears or eye waste I am not sure) and jumped around in delight to be reunited with her pup she lost for 5 minutes. (* I got pics to prove it*)

We then found out from 2 young girls who came with a packet of food that she had 2 other pups which died and she had buried them a few nights ago; and that they have been feeding but unable to do anything since they live in an apartment.

The mom and pup was then brought to a vet and is currently boarded there. Health checks are all clear for both of them; thank god.

The mom loves her pup to bits and both will cry if separated even for a while.

The 2 young girls are trying to get relatives to take both of them in at a landed house in Balik Pulau; but we are still unsure at this stage.

I had some requests for adoption of the pup but none for the mom.

It will be truly sad and horrid for them to be separated and for the pup to be adopted with the fate of the mom still left in the balance.

I cant provide a forever home for either as I have 1 cat and 2 dogs already who do not take too kindly to new additions.

Thus, I am seeking for anyone that will be able to take both mom and pup in. Please pm if you can.

I am paying for their current lodging and medical needs so the adopter need not have to worry about it.

Thanks a million people and I hope you can share this. I have more pics of both if you need it to convince a friend to take them. Just pm me.


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