Joel Was Born A Stray, On The Streets Without A Ho..


Joel was born a stray, on the streets without a home.

His mother, also a stray met with an accident one day, died on the spot and did not make it back to see her babies, leaving Joel and his siblings orphaned. Soon after, Joel’s siblings went missing one after another. And not long after, only Joel was left alone to fend for himself. Being less than a month old, and just starting to open his eyes, he wonder off by himself…slept away when he was tired, and whined out loud when he was hungry, cold and scared…but there was no one then who came by to offer him food, warmth and comfort…

Something bad happened to Joel one day…no one knows what happened and neither Joel can shared with us his side of story.

On one fine day, a good Samaritan, Mr. Lim was passing by Gurdwara Road when the fifth car ahead of him suddenly stopped the car, got down from the vehicle, walked to the front of his car, picked up “something” with his hands, walked to the side of the road and leave the “thing” there before going back into his car and speed off. Curious, Mr. Lim stopped by to check on the “thing” left by the side of the road.

It was a puppy! OMG! A small young puppy!

Taking pity of the young puppy who can hardly walk on his own, what more survive on a busy road by himself, Mr. Lim took him back. Upon reaching home, Mr. Lim fed the puppy with some milk and let the puppy rest a bit. While letting the puppy settled in, Mr. Lim realized that the puppy is indeed behaving abnormally. His head is always tilted to one side and the puppy has the tendency of walking around in circles.

Worried about the abnormalities, Mr. Lim took the puppy to Peng Aun Veterinary Clinic the following day for a check-up. Distemper has been ruled out and according to vet, the puppy may have encountered some kind of head injuries causing the abnormal behavior. A week’s medication has been prescribed and we need to monitor his condition from thereon.

Mr. Lim has decided to name the puppy, Joel. We were hoping he will recover one day, and we can help him find a loving home where he will live happily ever after.

However, Joel passed away last night. God has decided to keep Joel safe with HIM instead.

We are very thankful for Mr. Lim’s effort in saving Joel. Without Mr. Lim, Joel may be dying in the cold on the streets, never knowing how it feels like to be loved and cared.

Mr. Lim needs to undergo a surgery today. Let us pray for him and Joel…and we know Joel will surely blessed him.

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