Happy World Vegetarian Day!

Here are 5 great ways to celebrate the occasion to raise awareness on human and animal welfare, and show that we care for our beloved Earth.

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Happy World Vegetarian Day!World Vegetarian Day, October 1, also serves as the annual kick-off of Vegetarian Awareness Month, to help raise awareness on how vegetarianism benefits humans, animals and our beloved Earth.Here are 5 great ways to celebrate this meaningful event:1) Bring Your Friends & Family For A KindMealWhat better time to introduce them to delicious meat-free offerings to save animals, health, environment and money? We’re sure they would enjoy the nice food and ambiance from popular restaurants and cafes at http://KindMeal.my2) Organize A Myth-Busting Cooking DemoMany people think vegetarian food is boring, unappetizing, or even lacking in vitamin or minerals. Show them how creative, delicious and nutritious it can be!3) Encourage Restaurants To Offer Creative Vegetarian MenuRestaurants love constructive customer feedback. Suggest to them on increasing creative vegetarian options and share on the amazing benefits! You can also recommend them to join our KindMeal.my platform for free too.4) Meet Like-Minded PeopleEnjoy the camaraderie of people who share your values. Connect with like-minded souls and spread awareness together on why meat-free meals are so rewarding and important.5) Share Delicious Food PhotosEnjoyed a meat-free meal? Share your yummylicious moments on KindMeal and social media to give more ideas to other food lovers!Download KindMeal.my app now and get started on your tasty celebration of World Vegetarian Day!Find out more at http://KindMeal.my

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