Message from Dr Chuo Hock Tieng, President of Sarawak Veterinary Association

Dear friends,

I share this note with you from the Sarawak Veterinary Association President Dr Chuo, which I consider beneficial;

Fight against further rabies spread:

Recent rabies outbreak has caused some confusion amongst pet owner. Some said u can get vaccine for rm29 some rm50 some rm19.

allow me to shade some lights.

Under Animal Act 1953 and Sarawak Veterinary Public Health Ordinance 1999 only registered veterinary surgeon can handle and administer the vaccines for animal. Hence you can neither purchase the vaccine OTC i.e. clinic or pharmacy nor administer the vaccine yourself. Private vet clinic is the only place you can get the vaccine besides government mass vaccination services announce from time to time. The rabies vaccine is RM55 in Kuching. Some claim can get for RM29or less is actually the normal 6 in 1 vaccines which pet owner get from pharmacy or pet breeder or pet shop which is ILLEGAL. You may be ill informed on the proper vaccination hence you will make the thing worse as you administer the wrong vaccine illegally for the wrong purpose. Check the clinics contact here


Please be informed that there are vets on suspension by the Malaysia Veterinary Council due to disciplinary action. He or she reportedly still active. Appreciate if u can provide me their action in photo or video proof to be submitted to MVC for further action. More information can be obtain at www.mvc.gov.my

Sharing some notes from my comrade in the field fighting against rabies Dr Leo Tuah

Friends in Kuching, especially if you are owning a dog, a public service reminder if you are going to/have already vaccinated your dog against Rabies.

1. Please bring your own leash/cage/muzzle and handle/leash/muzzle your own dog during the vaccination process. We won’t be responsible should your dog struggle and escape, or bitten another dog within the vicinity and our own staff will not bear to suffer injuries caused by your dog as they need to be able to continue their work in other places. You should know your own dog’s behaviour. We have a few staff being bitten/snapped at due to the arrogance of certain owners. No, we wont provide muzzles-that can be another mode of transmission esp if your dog slobbers alot (this disease is transmitted by saliva). Don’t be selfish.

2. Do not be quick to release your dog after vaccination especially if they are free-roamers. They need to be leashed/chained/confined/locked any how within your house compound for them to develop the necessary protective levels of antibody for at least 2 weeks. Highly advisable 1 month as it is at it’s peak but some people can be such a pain-in-the-ass negotiating for lesser time. Any lesser is at your own risk – you are searching for trouble not only for you, but for your family, other pets and furballs in the same house, and your neighbours. Don’t be selfish.

3. We will be marking your dogs to indicate that they are vaccinated. Don’t be a bloody fool and wash it off eventhough they may look ugly. In fact they are not suppose to bath within one week post-vaccination. Dont be selfish.

4. We do not entertain people who want to buy vaccines-this is against our ethics and law. We have the police on the prowl should you intent to steal or make a fuss. We wont entertain house calls as we are spread thin and are exhausted. Don’t be selfish.

5. We are on a first-come-first-serve basis and priority is for those within the 10 km radius of the Jln Semeba zone (dogs only). We close either by 4pm or when the vaccines run out. No negotiating to stay open, tardiness will be your own fault. The next vaccination drive will be informed by the State Disaster Committee Secretariat. We wont make any promises.

Thank you. We are together in this fight against this horrible disease.



Let us work together to contain the rabies out break.

Dr Chuo Hock Tieng


Sarawak Veterinary Association

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