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On 25th February 2018, I have texted SPCA Penang about my parents 2 lost puppies which we believed they were stolen eventhough they were wearing collar at that time. SPCA Penang has helped us to post in their Facebook page. No news at all since then. About a week ago, someone by the name of Triny sms my dad. My dad who doesn’t know how to check sms didn’t see the message and only after my brother checked on his phone, noticed that there was this important message from Triny that he had missed. Immediately after reading the message, my dad contacted Triny and from Triny he knew that there are 2 dogs (one brown and one black) loitering around the compound behind Adventist Hospital in Pulau Tikus which look like my parents lost puppies posted in February.

The next day, my dad tried his luck to look for the dogs at the area mentioned by Triny but no dogs were seen at the area mentioned.

We believed that the person who took our puppies away few months ago had abandoned the 2 dogs. That’s why now they are seen not wearing collar as in the photo sent by Triny. I really hope that you could repost the 2 lost dogs again with their latest look and if anyone were to see them, please give me a call so that my parents can find them back. They really miss the 2 dogs very much even after so many months. Anyone who see the dogs can reach me at 012-2474898. My name is Elaine.

Please help to repost this so that more people are aware and hopefully we can find them back soon. Your help is very much appreciated. God bless your kindness.

Source: https://www.facebook.com/SPCAPenang/photos/a.140205684971.14..



SPCA Penang

SPCA Penang's main objectives are to prevent the unnecessary suffering of animals and to ensure responsible pet ownership. Hence the Society acts to prevent cruelty to animals and promotes kindness towards them by fostering an intelligent public interest regarding Man's duty animals.

Though the Society is sometimes compelled to put down an animal, our work covers a much more wider scope of rescuing, rehabilitating, healing and re-homing the animals.

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