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For more than a week, I’ve noticed a progressive balding on Vincent’s head. Initially, it just looked like some loss of hair, but in the last two days, it looked more like mange.

This was taken a few days ago.

I first started by applying some enzyme onto the bald parts (according to a friend, this has helped many dogs heal from skin problems), but that did not seem to help Zurik. Next, I tried virgin coconut oil. But by yesterday, I got a little worried and decided to take him to the vet’s.

I knew if I brought him to the vet, it might be Ivermection (which is really toxic) or a spot-on (I fear using spot-ons because of previous bad experience). But it seemed I had no choice now. If a home remedy does not work, some allopathic treatment may be needed.

So, we went (after I finished work) yesterday. Surprisingly Zurik was really good in the car. Even Vincent would make more of a fuss. He was quiet except for the initial mewing.

He’s so smart, isn’t he? I mean, why go make noise when you know you already have no choice, correct? But I’d like to believe that Zurik knows whatever I do is always for something good for him.

At the vet’s.

The vet took one look at Zurik and confirmed it is mange and could also be infected. Zurik had also scratched his ears quite badly and some parts were bleeding slightly. It must be itchy.

The vet said the treatment would be either Revolution or Advocate spot-on (I’m reluctant to use these but it looked like I had no choice, thank goodness the vet also did not agree on the use of Ivermectin for Zurik). The vet said he would prescibe Clavomox (an antibiotic) since it looked infected and also an anti-itch medication (also a tablet, Cetirizine, which is an anti-histamine). Meanwhile, for the parts that have broken skin, the vet applied an iodine cream. I can purchase this from any pharmacy.

So we came home and Zurik was allowed into the house because I wanted to administer his first dose.

Wow, he was SO happy to be in the house! Earlier in the morning, I had already brought him into the patio and closed the patio door, so that he can remain there until I finished work. Otherwise, I might not be able to catch him if he had gone to the roof (which he would).

By the time I got back home from work, as expected, Zurik had already found his way into the house and was causing a bit of a disturbance to Tabs and Heidi.

Eating some food before his medication.

Compared to ALL the other cats (yes, I mean, ALL), Zurik is the easiest to give medication to. Absolutely no struggle, he opens his mouth, allows you to plonk in whatever (tablet, capsule, anything!), and closes his mouth and he swallows it. No suspicion and zero resistance (unlike Pole, for example, who still thinks we might be trying to poison her!).

I also applied the Advocate spot-on. The vet said we would probably have to reapply the Advocate one more time after a month. Subsequently, we could use another product called Advantage. Advantage covers lice and fleas only, though, which the vet thinks is quite sufficient. Advocate covers more (including ear mites and even acts as a dewormer).

I had to put Zurik out in the porch again because his presence in the house disrupted the peace in the “house-colony” for Tabs and Heidi. However, Vincent was quite happy and came downstairs to entertain his friend (one time, nemesis!). I also cannot risk Zurik spreading the mange to Vincent since Vincent’s immunity is compromised due to his kidney condition.

Zurik came back dutifully in the evening for his next dose (Clavomox is twice daily).

I hope he will recover quickly.

The vet said he might have contracted the mange from other cats since none of ours have it.

Zurik’s mysterious life outside our house will never be known to us!

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