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Delivering Home-Cooked Food & Butcher Scraps to 100+ Street Dogs in the Snow


“It is terribly cold,” Romanian rescuer Eugenia Les explains at the end of a very long day. ”I took all the puppies hot rice this morning and chicken soup yesterday. I also had a few sacks of dry food to feed them all.This is one of the toughest winters I lived.”

But the hard times go much deeper than the cold itself for this 68-year-old rescuer who is beginning to have grave health problems. She is gradually moving all the dogs from her shelter to other rescue centers where they will be safe. In the meantime, she wills herself to continue caring for them and about 100 stray dogs dumped along the banks of the Suceava River. All of her work is sponsored by a tiny cluster of people who donate as much as they can, but last week funds ran out at the worst possible time.

“I have to borrow money and take food on credit, but right now there is no one to lend me money for fuel,” Eugenia said last Tuesday. “I sit in my house thinking of my dogs waiting for food at the fence and mummy is not coming for she has no fuel to drive to the shelter. I usually get to the shelter at 9:30 every day and it’s already 9:45 and I am still in the house, stranded.”

Seeing this plea for help from Eugenia who was beside herself with worry, we immediately sent aid for both fuel and more food for the animals. No dog or cat should go without their simple needs for food and water, and we are so thankful that we could intervene immediately. We are also making inquiries about who can continue feeding the strays and to also take care of the many rescued cats when Eugenia is no longer able to do so.

So often rescuers like Eugenia will work through catastrophic illness, determined to care for the animals instead of caring for themselves. We will do what we can to help find other care givers for these animals so that Eugenia can try to rest and receive the medical care she needs. After all, when a person has given every ounce of their body and soul, to the mission of animal rescue, we have a duty to see that they themselves are not abandoned in their hour of need.

The Harmony Fund is a USA-based animal rescue charity devoted to helping underdog animal rescuers all over the planet. We are sponsoring the work of dozens and dozens of heroes like Eugenia and serving more than 80,000 meals to animals this month alone!


Donate here: https://harmonyfund.org/donate/food-shelter-and-protection-for-dog-orphans-in-romania

To help Eugenia and other rescuers struggling at this moment in Romania, please make a fast and secure donation on our website here https://harmonyfund.org/donate/food-shelter-and-protection-for-dog-orphans-in-romania or use the link below.

Thank you all for making this work possible.

Source: https://www.facebook.com/HarmonyFundAnimalRescue/photos/a.13..


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