Oh Oh….Cow Took Off His Cow-Collar!


Last night, I was already worried that Cow might break out of his cow-collar.

After all, when he was very little (maybe about 1-2 years old), he had a large fight wound on his flank. We took him to get it stitched up; it was done and he was put on the plastic e-collar. I would admit that at that time, I may not have fixed the e-collar properly. Cow broke out of the collar and bit all all the stitches and walked around nonchalantly with the open wound, skin flapping. It did not bother him at all. So we brought him back and there was another round of stitching.

He got out of the e-collar and bit off all his stitches AGAIN. So, a third round had to be done. That’s three times being on general anaesthesia, each merely one days apart. It was crazy. And so scary. On the third surgery, he actually took a long time to get up and the vet had to administer some kind of protocol to wake him up.

That’s Cow Mau when he was little.

So, I had half a mind to put the plastic e-collar on him last night, but I did not think he would break out of this soft e-collar. Also, I’ve heard of a case where a cat had major tooth extraction and was not put on the e-collar. Somehow the stitches got dislodged and the cat was bleeding profusely, and emergency restitching was required (sedation again). Had there been a delay, the cat could have suffer severe consequences due to the excessive bleeding.

I was already so worried about Cow going under general anaesthesia yesterday. Being 13 years old, the risks are there.

This is what greeted me this morning, at 5am….

Cow, Cow, Cow…why did you take off your collar???

The velcro is intact, as you can see. He must have just slid off it.

I quickly checked his mouth – phew, no bleeding.

After feeding (next blogpost), I put the collar back on him and I’m watching him like a hawk now. I think if I don’t get to watch him, perhaps it’s safer to put him back on the plastic e-collar. During his eye treatment of 21 days, he was on the plastic e-collar.

It isn’t so bad, Cow, is it? You can even use it as a soft pillow.

I sewed that plastic piece on for Vincent last time, because he was drooling. It’s easily removed.

But I do think that the plastic e-collar is looser around the neck compared with this soft one.

Just tahan a bit more, okay, Cow?

Good boy….

See Cow…you look like a cow now. With horns and all.

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