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每个星期,园区里的残疾狗狗们都会洗香香,坐推车出来晒太阳☀、吹吹风🌀 (点开照片来认识他们)

这些残疾宝宝都是完全不能走的孩子 😢,但很健康也很开朗,最开心的就是有人疼 💕 残疾不是错,他们绝对也有活下去的权利,不需要被安乐也不用去死,需要的是更多愿意付出的人

一些被撞、被虐、或天生畸形 … 欢迎大家有来园区时,多陪伴这些毛孩,我们每天都花很多时间特别照顾他们


非常感激来自新山KTC学院的童鞋们进入园区做社区服务,帮忙一起照顾这些残疾宝宝,减轻不少工作 ❤


*残疾宝宝们每天都要用很多尿片,喜欢他们的朋友也可以捐尿片,或选择助养/领养他们* 🙏




Every week, our disabled dogs in the shelter will take a good nice bath, take a ride out in a cart to enjoy a warm sunbathe and cool breeze. (Click into the photo to know them more)

They are all furry kids who can’t walk at all, but they are very healthy and cheerful. The happiest thing is that there are people who love them. They have the absolute right to live.

Some of them are hit by vehicle, abused or born with deformities.. We welcome everyone to our shelter, spend more time with these children as we need to spend a lot of time each day to take care of them

#Rescuing itself is easy, but the follow-up work is always very difficult

We are very grateful to the students from KTC Institute in Johor Bahru who came to the shelter for community service, helping to take care of these disabled furry kids and alleviating a lot of work.

In non-peak season, we are also open for groups of more than 15 people to sign up for volunteer work, and experience this life-long education together.

*Disabled furry need to use a lot of pee pads every day, you may choose to donate pee pads, or monthly sponsor/adopt them*

Be a furkid monthly sponsor:


Source: https://www.facebook.com/hopejb/photos/a.577445702301639/219..



HOPE Johor

Homeless & Orphan Pets Exist (H.O.P.E.) is a non-profit organization and no-kill shelter that aims to improve welfare of strays and abandoned pets around Johor Bahru, Malaysia.

Our four core missions are rescuing, re-homing, sterilization and increasing public awareness of pet ownership and responsibilities. Currently, we are caring for approximately 700 abandoned animals in our shelter located at Lima Kedai.

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