Cerita Kuning Continues…


I got the rest of “Kuning’s cerita” this morning.

For those who did not read Kuning’s earlier post, “Kuning” is the codename for our Ginger, given by our part-time cleaner, Sara.

According to my husband, Ginger chased FluffyWhite down to the alley yesterday (Note: FluffyWhite was not in our porch to begin with, so Ginger must have hunted him down). They were then engaged in a physical lock-body fight for a few seconds before it was stopped by a shout from the human.

Then, Kuning (Ginger) chased FluffyWhite further down until the back road, parallel to our road.

Husband was worried if Ginger would know how to come back, but he could not be found anymore, so husband walked back home, and what do you know, Ginger was already home.

HOW did Ginger get home so fast?

My guess: From the roof?

Then, Ginger was scared (because of the fight or because he was shouted at), so he went to Mr Zurik’s roof sanctuary and only came back later, to Stargate2.

We checked Ginger for wounds just now and found none. Let’s hope there is none.

We know you are protecting your territory, Ginger Kuning. You grew up here and this is your territory. That’s fair enough, but don’t get injured in the process.

How come Ginger has a cool codename like “Kuning” and I don’t have one? 

But you have Spider-Cat, Indy? Isn’t that cool too?

But I’ve got nothing to climb on anymore now….

Why do we have to confine our animals?

And for the next three days, NOBODY is going out.

Even Heidi is not allowed to follow us for taiji practice because sometimes she won’t come back with us. She’ll want to lepak at the playground for sometime and come back on her own – she likes doing this and she does no harm to anyone in the playground. She just sits, eats some of her medicinal grass (which can only be found in that one patch at the playground) and enjoy the scenery. Is that harmful to any human? Why do some playgrounds even have that “no pets” signage? Really, how much does the human thinks he/she owns?

Well, there is a makcik who simply hates the sight of cats in our neighbourhood. She puts out glass shards where the cats walk. There is another makcik who puts out poison and has poisoned quite a number of a friend’s cats.  With Francis and Mukda (the feeders) gone, looks like I’m the only one speaking up for animals in this neighbourhood. And it’s a lone voice. That’s just how it is.

Just one voice.

Word on the ground is that there is massive catching going on nowadays, even without complaints.

What kind of government did we vote for?  A heartless one?  All it takes is for ONE politician to issue the directive.  Just one.  That’s what happened up north in 2015, isn’t it?  One person decides the fate of thousands of innocent lives.  How do these people sleep well at night?

Source: https://myanimalcare.org/2019/04/09/cerita-kuning-continues/




AnimalCare is a registered society that promotes caregiving to street animals and helps in their neutering and medical needs. AnimalCare has a Medical Fund, Food Fund and Education Fund.

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