“Kuning” Makes A Beeline To The Back


Ginger escaped this evening due to a partially opened door.

When I saw the small gap at the door, I immediately went out and spotted Ginger on the ledge, making a beeline to the back.

He looked VERY determined.

I kept calling him back, rushed in to get the kibble jar, but nothing worked.

Unfortunately, I had also just fed him so he wasn’t hungry.

I tried very hard to get him back, and was a little glad that he stopped halfway and turned around, but he was still reluctant to come back.

It was time to go for our taiji class so we left. After a few minutes, Sihui texted to say she had managed to get Ginger back. She lured him with food and managed to get him to the garbage compartment and quickly carried him back.

What a relief!

I was so worried about Ginger going to the back road because of that makcik whom I was told, puts out poison for cats.

I think Ginger made a beeline to the back to look for FluffyWhite. He just dislikes Fluffy so much.

Meanwhile, Mr Zurik is back on the shoe rack more often these days. His territory is the roof and our porch.

He also doesn’t look as fierce as before now.

Maybe he has mellowed with age.

But he can still war-cry pretty well to ward off other cats…except Buddy.


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