Not Ginger’s Turn, But Bunny And Indy’s


I remembered that Cow needed 5 days’ antibiotics before his dental scaling and extraction, so I asked the vet if Ginger needed it too, especially since Ginger is also FIV+. The vet said yes, it would be better to do the antibiotics prophylaxis. This means, Ginger cannot get his dental done today.

Instead, the vet said I could bring Bunny and Indy for a review and follow-up blood test.

So, after work, I quickly went home and managed to put both of them into a carrier each (not so easy, since both are very strong).

There was nonstop orchestra is the car, of course. And my directional dyslexia did not help too as I took a wrong turning and headed onto a wrong road.

We finally got to the vet’s.

Bunny’s ear-dirt was examined and the bacterial infection has all cleared now. A blood test was done for both.

Creatinine 199 (previously, 181)  –  still normal but increased
Urea 10.2 (previously, 11.9)  –  still normal

Creatinine 238 (previously 216) – increased and high
Urea 9.9 (previously 8.7) – normal

The vet explained that creatinine levels change every day, dependent on many factors like the food consumed, etc.  So as far the vet is concerned, Bunny’s levels are still “okay”, but Indy’s creatinine would have to be brought down with subcut on alternate days (once every 2 days).

Indy also has stopped asking to drink from the tap. I hardly see him drinking water also. And as you know, you cannot force a cat to drink water. But whenever he eats his favourite kibble (which is now the RC renal kibble), I add quite a lot of water to it and he licks it all up.

The vet says that Indy needs to consume more water to flush out the toxins.

Looks like the renal food has not made any difference to the levels, so subcut is needed now.  Hopefully subcut helps.  Indy was given a 200ml subcut at the clinic today and I shall have to follow up with a subcut once in every two days now.

The vet palpated Bunny and found a hard stool in him, so she advised to put him on Lactulose for a few days. Bunny’s hydration is good, so we will maintain him on 150ml fluids twice a week.

Creatinine and urea are toxins in the blood. If the kidneys are working well, these levels should be within the normal range. As to why Indy’s creatinine level is elevated, one possibility is that he may have less kidney cells which are in working order. It could be due to aging.

The SDMA test measures the amount of injury to the kidneys, so it acts as an early warning for kidney disease.  Bunny’s SDMA was 18 while Indy’s was 15 (on 24th and 27th March respectively).

We came home with 3 packs of Metrogyl, one each for Bunny, Ginger and Indy. 5 days prior to their dental procedure, I would have to start them on the antibiotics. Indy’s cannot be done until his creatinine level comes down, so Indy would need another review in 2 weeks’ time.

Bunny and Ginger can proceed with their dental scaling and extractions.

We will do Bunny’s next Monday and Ginger’s next Friday.

We are home!!

Indy is busy licking the subcut spot.

I hope I can do Indy’s subcut at home without any “incidents”.

The manja-pot, Bunny!

It would be a relief after Bunny’s dental is done. At least the two seniors (both 13 years old) would have clean teeth then, with all the rotten teeth gone.

I’m maintaining Cow’s dental hygiene on Orozyme. We definitely do not want another dental procedure as they age further.

Source: https://myanimalcare.org/2019/04/11/not-gingers-turn-but-bun..




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